Serengeti National Park

The Maasai people call it ‘’Siringet’’ meaning wide endless plains.

A UNESCO’s world Heritage site and a biosphere reserve since 1981 ,Serengeti is ,one of the oldest ,the largestand the best National Park in Africa.

Serengeti is one of the most famous wildlife areas in the world with the greatest concentration of wild animals on the planet!

This world -renownedPark is a sanctuary for last remaining annual mammal migration in the world.

The wildlife experience in this most famous park is unparalleled !

Serengeti is home to the richest large predator/prey interactions worldwide and its plant and animal diversity is equally rich.

There are more than 530 species of bird that has been recorded in Serengeti, a quarter of which migrate annually to or through the park.

To witness these unique wonders, Serengeti offers game viewing, walking safaris, hot air balloon filming and photographic safaris.