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Tanzania national parks (TANAPA) through its diverse unique parks offers visitors a number of tourism products that gives them an opportunity to experience nature in many fascinating ways. These products are wilderness walks, cycling, Mountain climbing, Boat excursion, Chimpanzee trucking/viewing, Chimpanzee habituation experience, Canoeing/ Kayaking, Night game drive, day game drive, Canopy walks, Sports fishing, Paragliding, Mawenzi technical climbing, Mt Kilimanjaro crater camping, Balloon safaris and Horse back riding to mention a few.

1. Wilderness Walks

When visiting our parks, you have an opportunity to enhance your wild experience by enjoying a wilderness walk. This will take you out of your vehicle and allow you to stretch close to nature.

Our parks have areas for short walks as well as long walks. To be able to experience this, kindly consult your tour operator or travel agent for the required arrangement. Please refer to the following guidelines for walking safaris for proper conduct of the walks in the park

2. Cycling


Mount Kilimanjaro stands 5895 meters above Tanzania and is home to some of African best bike trails. Start off on the flowing single track, and work your way up to the roof of Africa_ Uhuru peak. To hike one of the famous world's seven peaks it is the adventure of a lifetime and makes you one among billions.

There are two trail options; cycling up to the summit through Kilema route or day hike in Shira plateau to Cathedral point. This ride is designed to be challenging for those of good health and fitness, but is achievable for most people provided they train in advance.

Shira Plateau cycling trail (40.45Km)

This ride is cross country were cycling starts at Londorosi gate through the forest and Moorland habitats to Morum barrier/Picnic site (12km). One can us vehicle to carry you up to Morum barrier then ride starts from there. From morum barier, the journey takes via Shira I to Cathedral point (6.03km) then headed to Uwanja wa ndege picnic site (1.95Km). After lunch and a good rest at uwanja wa ndege, final day’s cycling starts towards the finishing point at Londorosi gate. This ride is downhill cycling using the rescue road to Morum barriers 8.2Km then another 12km to Londorosi gate.

Kilema Summit Cycling Trail

Kilema route takes you to the roof of Africa while cycling through the five Eco-climatic zones. It is a cross country ride starting from Kilema gate to Horombo huts (19Km, day 1). Short rides to zebra rocks then back to Horombo huts having a day stay for acclimatization (Day 2). After acclimatization and some repair of the cycle the ride continues on the way to Mawenzi hut via Jiwe la Ukoyo to Kibo hut (10.3Km, day 3). Most of the trail is readable and visitors will enjoy a majestic view of Mawenzi peak and Saddle area.

From Kibo, day summit starts at 10:00am and continues up to the summit (6Km) then ride downhill to Horombo hut with miles in length for night stay (16.3Km, day 4). After a night stay it followed with a steep downhill ride to Kilema gate (19Km, day 5). This exciting ride will be a truly memorable journey through the best that Mount Kilimanjaro has to offer.

Visitor’s experience

For most people, the main attraction of traveling to a different country is to see new sights and enjoy new experiences. Sometimes those new experiences can make life harder or more inconvenient than you may like, such as rough terrain or different food, or simply a different attitude to solving problems. This is all part of the challenge you are signing up for! We are very privileged to live in a country with a high standard of living, and traveling exposes us to different challenges – all of which help broaden our horizons. We can guarantee that coming face-to-face with experiences outside your normal ‘comfort zone’ will help you bond with your fellow cyclists and provide you with plenty of things to laugh about! A sense of humor and sense of adventure are two of the most important things to bring with you! Our experienced tour guides and local crew will help bridge the cycling gap; take advantage of their knowledge so you can come away with an understanding of a new adventures as well as the achievement of completing a challenging cycle ride.

Note:You are advised to carry along with other, the following gears:-

Glasses, Shoes, Clothing, Hydration systems, GPS navigation device, pump to inflate flat tires, Bike tools, High-power lights, Helmets, Body armor and pads, Gloves and First aid kit.


Cycling activities take place inside the park, the route start from Ngongongare gate south east of the gate towards the Serengeti Ndogo, through the forest to Nagy-Trape graves near the rest house. The route covers a total of 19.3 km to the last point. Cycling will provide you with a superb experience inside the park.

Route : From Ngongongare gate - Serengeti Ndogo - Nagy/Trappe to Momella gate. Through this route you will have an opportunity to:-

  • View Serengeti Ndogo were animal like buffaloes, zebras, warthog, baboon, giraffe, elephant and other species are easily spotted.
  • Pass through historical Sites where there are German grave sites
  • Enjoy the forest canopy with different birds species i.e. Horn bill, Turacco; reptiles such as python and primates i.e. colubus monkey.
  • Spot reptiles such as python and primates like black and white Colubus.
  • Pass through several natural open glades

Along the route between Nagy grave to Trappe grave there is a picnic site.

Please for a smooth conduct of the activity please liaise with your travel agent or tour operator and go through these guidelines for cycling for a smooth planning and execution of the wilderness adventure

3. Mountain Climbing

Summits for Udzungwa, Mahale, Arusha (Mt.Meru), Kitulo and Kilimanjaro parks are hikers' paradise. If you are seeking for an adventure put these on the list. Each hike is different from the other, submitting one does not guarantee you to conquer the other. Your travel agent or tour operator will advise you accordingly

4. Boat excursion

Experience boat excursions in our parks that are endowed with rich species of both marine and terrestrial species. Saadani, Rubondo, Mahale, Gombe, Saanane and Burigi-Chato parks are ready for this lifetime experience.

In Saadani the activity is done in Wami river while in Rubondo and Saanane the activity is done in Lake Victoria- the largest lake in Africa. In Mahale and Gombe national parks which are Chimpanzees' paradise boat excursion is done in the blue waters of Lake Tanganyika the second deepest lake in the World. Your travel agent is vested with the knowledge on how to organize this trip, however you may contact our respective park for prior arrangements before you visit. These guidelines for boating will help you accomplish well your boat excursion in our parks

5. Mawenzi peak technical climbing

Mawenzi is the second highest peak on Mount Kilimanjaro. The rugged peak of Mawenzi (5,149 m) lies to the east of Uhuru Peak. The volcano known as Mawenzi formed as a result of another eruption within the Shira caldera. The top of its western face is fairly steep with many crags, pinnacles and dyke swarms. Its eastern side falls in cliffs over 1,000 m high in a complex of gullies and rock faces, rising above two deep gorges. Mawenzi has seven peaks as listed from north to north:

-Nordecke 5136 m,-

-Hans Meyer5149 m, highest point,- Purtscheller5120 m
- Borchers5115 m
- Klute5096 m
- Latham Peak 5087 m
- Londt4945 m .

The terrain of Mawenzi makes most of its peaks unreachable but by technical roped ascents.

There are three routes for the climbers to Mawenzi peak these include:

  1. Rongai route down Marangu gate,

2. Lemosho/ Londorosi route via Northern circuit down Mweka gate

3. Marangu route via Zebra rock down Marangugate and Machame

For Mawenzi technical climbing please contact your tour operator who will do all the required arrangements for you. These guidelines for mawenzi climbing are meant to guide the expedition

6. Paragliding off Mt. Kilimanjaro

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying a paraglide. It is an appropriate recreational activity in the Mountainous areas under specific conditions. Licensed operators shall be required to abide to these guidelines for paragliding.

Paragliding is carried out during the day between sunrise and sunset. It is conducted in conditions consistent with VFR (Visual Flight Rules). TANAPA is looking forward for experienced paragliding pilots with their passengers to fly off this highest point on the African continent for their records. These guidelines will help you prepare and conduct the activity successfully

7. Canopy walkway in Lake Manyara national park

The product has been established inside the Ground Water Forest in the North part of Lake Manyara national park. The Canopy Walkway is in a series of boardwalks and suspension bridges. The total length is about 500m with the height ranging from 4m to 18 m

This structure attracts so many tourists both local and foreign who are eager of a different taste while in the park. When planning your trip to Lake Manyara make sure you have canopy walkway on your list.

8. Crater camping on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This has been allowed so as to give our visitors a different experience of the Mountain. The crater is rich with ice and remains of volcanic eruptions. Spending an overnight in this area is a life time experience that you should not miss. For this life time experience on Mt Kilimanjaro contact your travel agent.

Crater campers must abide to all the conditions stated below:

  • Must have proper camping gears for both tourist and porters
  • Take enough mobile toilets to be used at the camp with the minimum ratio of 7:1 and 10:1 for tourists and porters respectively
  • Make sure that all trash produced is collected and taken away on your departure
  • All other Park rules and regulations are followed.

9. Chimps habituation experience in Rubondo Island national park

Chimpanzee habituation experience (CHEX) offers visitors a chance to participate in the process of getting these primates used to the presence of humans. The chimpanzee’s habituation experience may take the whole day. Therefore our visitors have a chance of staying with the chimps the whole day together with park rangers. Chimpanzees are man’s closest living relative, sharing about 98% of genes. Our park officials may arrange for you to participate in this activity

10. Chimps viewing in Mahale and Gombe national parks

Chimps for these parks are used to people, therefore your visit to Mahale and Gombe guarantees you a different experience with the chimps. The parks are some of the few protected areas in Africa where Chimps are conserved in their wild settings. While in these parks try to pick at least one difference of the Chimps in Mahale from their colleagues in Gombe.

The simplified guidelines for chimpanzee viewing will help you enjoy the tour in Mahale and Gombe, kindly take time to read them together with the additional chimps viewing regulations for mahale .

11.Canoeing and Kayaking

Go for an extra adventure in the waters within our parks, boat and peddle will get you through the cool waters and related environment that provide habitats for hippos, crocs, birds, fish and many more.

While conducting this activity safety prosedures established in these guidelines for canoeing and kayaking must be observed.

12. Night game drive

Is a unique product aimed at supporting the long-term effort of TANAPA to diversify tourist activities in order to enhance visitors' experience and satisfaction.

Night game drive is becoming popular as the number of visitors choosing the activity is increasing.

It is only during night game drive that you are able to see nocturnal animals which are rarely seen during the day and also the opportunity to have your bush dinner under the stars inside the park. This is a very unique experience you can take home.

The activity is conducted in all parks except Serengeti.

The activity is conducted in a safe, quality and orderly manner that comply with environmental conservation discipline. The operator of the activity has qualified guides and trackers who shall get you there.The guidelines for night game drives will help you plan and conduct the activity accordingly.

13. Sports fishing

Sport fishing is a unique “catch and release” activity conducted in specified areas of the national parks with water bodies. It is among the exciting recreational activities whereby a visitor will have a chance of catching a remarkable size of fish to challenge the existing park records. guidelines for sports fishing are meant to help you achieve your dream catch record.

14. Hot air Balloon Safaris

Balloon safaris is a Magical way to see the wild life and scenery of the beautiful area of our parks at large. Our parks probably offers the most beautiful balloon flights in the world and the ultimate safari experience.

Ballooning services starts around 5:00hr (depending on location and specific operator policy).

All service arrangements are done by your tour operator in collaboration with the balloon operator.

The product is now offered in Ruaha, Tarangire and Serengeti. Plan not to miss a balloon flight when visiting Ruaha or Tarangire or Serengeti. The guidelines for balloon safaris are meant for both investors and passengers to help them meet their mutual objectives without compromizing conservation rules. conservation