Tourism Activities

Tourism Activities

The park has a number of tourism activities that will add to your memorable experience

Baloon Safaris

Visitors to Serengeti National Park can have an opportunity of seeing the Park in different perspective by flying a hot air balloon available in the Park.

Walking Safari

Walking safari will take you through the wilderness

Walking Safari

Experience nature out of your vehicle

Horseback Riding

Enjoy the beauty and wild animals of the beautiful Park of Arusha on the horseback! The experience of this unique activity is beyond imagination! Please come and enjoy this rare opportunity

Sport Fishing

Visitors to Rubondo Island National Park ,that is situated in Lake Victoria will have an opportunity to do sport fishing


Have you conquered the Kili by bike? Enjoy the thrill of challenging africa's highest peak by cycling towards it! The experience is just unforgettable!


Enjoy hot meals in the middle of the wilderness in world-renown National Park,the Serengeti. Visitors to this scenic and wildlife rich park have among others an opportunity to get their meal in the bush!

Game Drives

Game viewing by vehicles is the major tourism activity in Serengeti National Park. With well developed and careful selected network of roads and circuits visitors has best opportunity to see wild animals with easy! Ability to comfortably observe wildlife in their natural habitat inside a game vehicle is experience in itself!

Canopy Walkway

one of the unique opportunity of Lake Manyara National Park is the being able to walk on canopies of underground water forest that is found in the Park. Being there on the canopy gives the visitors an opportunity to have a bird eye view of wildlife below!


Explore the beauty of Kitulo garden of flowers by hiking the scenic hills in the park! The hiking in this exclusive park give you chance to get even closer to nature where enjoyment is obvious!

Mountain Climbing

Arusha National Park is home to Mount Meru, the second highest mountain in the country. This mountain give an opportunity for mountain climbing which is considered by some as an exercise to climb the Highest Mountain in Africa, The Kilimanjaro.