“Wildlife at a glance”

  • History

Mikumi National Park is lying just to the North of the famous Selous Game Reserve. Gazetted in 1964 covering an area of 1070 km2, it was later extended in 1975 to cover the current area of 3,230 km2. The park is the fifth largest National Park in Tanzania, it Shares the name ‘Mikumi’ with the village just beyond its Western border of the Dar es Salaam – Iringa highway, which traverse the park for 50km. The small town in turn takes the name from the palm tree     (Borassus spp.) which once grew there in profusion but no stem is visible in the village.

  • How to get there:

By road: About288 km from Dar es Salaam; a four hours drive.

By railway: From Dar es Salaam to Man’gula and from Man’gula using road to reach the park.

By aircraft: The Park can also be reachable by Charter flights

  • Best time to visit

The best time to visit the park is during the dry season (May- October). However, the Northern part of the park is accessible through- out the year.


  • Tourism Activities

Game drivesThis activity is conducted from 0630 – 1830 HRS, no additional fee for this activity. Four wheel (4X4) drive vehicles are recommended.

Walking safariShort walking safari

  • There are 3 walking trails: Kikoboga, Vuma and Lodge.
  • The total distance for all trails is 14 kms where by Kikoboga 4 km, Vuma 6 km and Lodge 4 km
  • The walking duration for the trails is 1.30 HRS for Kikoboga, 3 hrs for Vuma and 1.30 HRS for Lodge
  • The best time to conduct walking is from 0630 to 0900 and 1600 to 1830HRS
  • Booking must be done in 12 to 24 HRS

Additional fees apart from conservation fees:

Category Short walking fees Long walking fees Ranger fee/group
Adult Child (>12 yrs) Adult Child (>12 yrs)
Non EAC Citizens/ Tz Expatriates US $ 20 US $ 10 US $ 25 US $ 15 US $ 20
EAC Citizens TZS 5,000 TZS 2,500 TZS 5,000 TZS 5,000 TZS 5,000


   walking1   walking2

        ( Refer walking safari guidelines.)



More than 400 bird species has been recorded. The colorful common residents are lilac-breasted roller, yellow-throated long claw, eagles and a host of European migrants

     birding1 birding2  



  • Public campsites:There are 3 public campsite located at Mkata plain and Vuma hills, they are also known as campsite no 1 at Mkata plain, Campsites no 3 and 5 at Vuma hills. All required facilities such as Bath rooms, Toilets and water are available.

Additional fee apart from conservation

Category Special campsite fee Public campsite fee
Adult Child Adult Child
Non EAC Citizens/ Tz Expatriates US $ 50 US $ 10 US $ 30 US $ 5
EAC Citizens TZS 10,000 TZS 5,000 TZS 5,000 TZS 2,000





  Filming fee: US $250 charged per person/day and covers conservation, camping and filming fees. This is applicable to all nationalities.


    (Refer Filming guidelines)


      Night Game Drive:

    This activity is conducted at Mkata plain and Kisungura circuit. Animals frequently seen during the night are nocturnal animals.


                                               Refer Night game drive guidelines



The Park has 2 picnic sites namely Mbuyu or Millennium and Kisungura, they are located in Mkata Plain. They are best places for taking packed meals while on game drive. No additional fee required.



   Main attractions

  • The spectacular concentration of variety of animals in Mkata flood plain including four of the big five, elephant, buffalo, Lion and Leopard.
  • The ever changing skies and light producing glorious sunrise and sunset.
  • Other games including the worlds’ largest Antelope – Eland, Greater Kudu, Sable Antelopes, Defassa waterbuck and African hunting dogs.
  • Mikumi offers an outstanding diversity of bird life. From the striking turkey-sized group hornbill to the tiny sunbirds. Eagles are often seen soaring in the intense blue skies, and the Lilac-breasted rollers add brilliance to their background.
  • Mikumi has a variety of vegetation types ranging from seasonally flooded grassland to woodland and riverine forest. The Afromontane forest found on the summit of Malundwe Mountains is part of forest type that is renowned for its unique flora and fauna



 Inside the park: There are park’s Tourist bandas, rest house and three

 Private tented camps and campsites (both public and special). Public

 Campsites have basic facilities namely toilet, kitchen, water and bathroom. Special campsites are

 just natural sites where water and bathrooms facilities are not provided.



         Outside the park: At Mikumi Township there are several Motels, Lodges and Guest houses.


  • Park Rules and Regulations

    Love nature so please do not:

  • Disturb any animal or bird
  • Cause any noise or create a disturbance likely to offend or annoy any other visitors
  • Pick any flower, cut or destroy any vegetation
  • Discard any litter, burning cigarettes or matches
  • Bring a pet into the park
  • Exceed the required speed limit of 50km/hour
  • Drive off-road except in designated areas
  • Harass, feed or interfere with wild animals
  • Bring live animal or plants into the park
  • Bring firearms or other weapons are not allowed in the park.



Chief Park Warden:

Mikumi National Park, P.O. BOX 62, Mikumi - Tanzania

Tell: (Hotline) +255 767 53 61 35 (Tourism)

Fax: +255 23 2620441

Email: mikumi@tanzaniaparks.go.tz

Tourism.mikumi@tanzaniaparks.go.tz (Tourism)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikuminationalpark

Instagram: Mikumi_National_Park

Twitter: @MikumiPark